Gateway Residential Services (GRS) operates a RCCF (Residential Child Care Facility) program that provides mental health treatment to male youth.  GRS programs specialize in working with youth who have complex clinical issues.  Gateway Residential Program – are licensed by the Colorado Department of Human Services for ages 12-21.


Gateway Residential Programs embraces the belief that in order to promote change, a relationship-driven program that effectively addresses the components of safety, emotional management, loss and future planning is imperative to the successful transition of the client.



The Clinical Department provides individual, group, and family therapy services designed and tailored around the individual needs of the client. We approach treatment in gender-specific and strength-based programming, trauma-based care, offense-specific treatment, and experiential therapies. Each client’s treatment is designed to identify and address risk factors of abusive behavior and protective strengths on which to build upon.


Drug and Alcohol classes are offered in-patient through a CAC III clinician in Delta clients.


Aggressive behaviors are addressed by utilizing the Aggression Replacement Training Curriculum.


Criminal Thinking is addressed by utilizing the Thinking for a Change group Curriculum.


Gender-Specific Programming is designed to identify differences, learn healthy living skills and promote positive female development.


Offense-Specific Programming is conducted in compliance with all Colorado Sex Offender Management guidelines and modalities.


Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports used at facilities and schools.

Academic Services

The Education Program provides each student a challenging, academically sound educational experience to remediate, maintain and/or improve academic and social functioning. The education program utilizes a research based curriculum approved by the Facility Schools Board. Our Certified, licensed teachers provide instruction for students requiring a more structured classroom setting that address the behavioral issues, academic needs, and individualized circumstances that interfere with learning in a traditional classroom. Students have the opportunity to earn credit towards their high school diploma through classroom work and credit recovery programming. 

The education program provides an on-site school approved and licensed by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). Students may graduate through our program with a CDE diploma from Facility Schools, or through their home school district, or by achieving their GED. Our post-secondary students have the opportunity to attend on/off-site college classes.


Our education program works closely with the local school district in order to provide opportunities for students to attend public school as appropriate.  

Experiential and Recreational Services

Experiential and recreational services are provided daily to clients using a wide variety of modalities.

Recreational activities, e.g., CrossFit

Spiritual activities

Experiential activities

Daily living skills

Restorative Justice Projects



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